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hawos Billy

Massive multiplex for the housing!

hawos Easy

The little guy has a footprint of a mere 15 x 15 cm while delivering high performance. Its single-handed operation makes having everything under control a cinch. Turn on the mill and set the grinding fineness – steplessly from the finest flour to coarse groats by simply turning the adjustment wheel.

hawos Mühle

Solid beech wood for the case!

hawos Novum

Housed in a colorful plastic case designed specifically for modern kitchens, the proven hawos technology hides the powerful 360-watt motor and extremely hard corundum / ceramic grindstones.

hawos Oktagon

“Everything fits together here”. Inside and out: Easy handling, infinitely adjustable grinder, extremely hard grinding stones and a powerful 360/600 watt motor, as well as the solid brass setting scale. Our “Octagon” model scores with strong performance and top results when grinding cereals and spices. Even with fine adjustment, the grinding noise is still pleasant. With a body made of solid, steamed beech wood, it is a piece of jewellery with perfect craftsmanship for every kitchen. With its eight corners, the model Octagon is a real eye-catcher: nice and good!

hawos Oktini

Eight corners – eight good reasons! The flour mill with new, innovative fine adjustment. Lever up = coarse; Lever down = fine

hawos Queen

The connection between beauty and elegance with outstanding inner values, as one would expect from a queen. The housing of multiplex beech has the typical reddish matt shimmering surface.