Take care of your kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the place, you start your day from –with a glass of warm water or a cup of tea/coffee. This area is not only used for cooking meals or filing our stomach but also to develop harmony, satisfaction in the house. As we greatly emphasize on the decor of the living room, which is considered to be the representative of the house, the kitchen is also not a place to be taken granted, for it speaks on the behalf of our home too. When we try our hand on a new recipe, a new feeling, excitement and confidence arise in us. The aroma of seasoning spices, fried vegetables permeated around, attract everyone towards the kitchen to find out what’s cooking in there. This is the magic of kitchen, a few simple ingredients transformed into delectable dishes. When you want your kids to be with you in kitchen to witness these transformations, it means you want to spend some quality time with them.  Therefore, if a place serves so many purposes or where you spend a pretty good part of your day for creating umpteen culinary magic, it deserves the utmost care.

domestic flour mill

Here, I am sharing a few tips which I follow in my kitchen to make it more hygienic, pleasurable, and full of positivity and flavors.

Hygiene: Food prepared in kitchen either fills your body with energy or causes food borne illness. To maintain proper hygiene is very essential requirement.

The key steps are:

  • Try to enter your kitchen in clean clothes and don’t cook while cleaning or dusting. Wash your hands properly before you start the preparation in kitchen.
  • Wash fruits/vegetables and other washable ingredients thoroughly 2 to 3 times before using them.
  • Use perishable items first.
  • Store food items appropriately before and after cooking. Follow the storing instructions carefully.
  • Do not use anything post the expiry date.
  • Remove rings while using fingers for kneading dough or mixing batter etc. they may contain dirt in between them.
  • Keep the counter clean and disinfected by wiping it with lukewarm water and baking soda solution.
  • Disinfect the cabinet and refrigerator handles and faucets regularly.
  • Sort your sink frequently, avoid piling up used utensils in it to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Treat pulses/spices/rice etc. correctly to avoid insect breeding.
  • Use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked material to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Maintain the recommended temperature for different food items.
  • Always use clean and different kitchen dusters for different purposes.

How I make my cooking zone pleasurable:

  • Choose a soothing color combination for walls and cabinets, which makes you feel pleased and calm. Place some fresh flowers in a vase near the kitchen window or any other appropriate place on the kitchen counter. Flowers make your mood cheerful.
  • I keep a compact speaker beside me to enjoy light music. It keeps me energetic and happy the time I am there. Good mood is the most important ingredient than any other in cooking.
  • Keeping frequently used tools handy makes cooking easy and hassle free.
  • Do not create mess on counter, wipe out the spills immediately while doing chopping /mixing/grinding etc.
  • If you have already done enough for the day do not stress yourself with complicated cooking, rather choose a simple and easy dish.

In a nutshell having a functional and aesthetically managed kitchen makes cooking a fun filled activity. Furthermore, you should be in love with the place you spend a pretty good amount of your precious time.

Now a days when kitchens are well equipped with ultra-modern gadgets, GREEN FUTURE domestic flour mills will arguably top the list. These house hold atta chakkis are skillfully designed to complement any kitchen counter in amazing compact sizes, incomparable gorgeous appearances and unprecedented performance without adding to your electricity bills. Operation of these machines is quite a simple job, just plug and play method. Mill your spices/pulses/grains immediately whenever and wherever you require them without making yourself tired.

So, do think over it and do not delay to make this Chhota Jadugar your best companion in your cooking zone to serve freshness and health to your loved ones.


“Imagine your cells smiling back at you saying THANKS”

Domestic atta chakki roti is the choice of young folks

Whole-grain, as we already know, is a good source of nutrients with immense health benefits. With growing health concerns and awareness, India is moving towards a healthier you, and young folks of India are investing in kitchen appliances that are trendy with tremendous benefits and attachakki is one such product.

Whole-grain wheat roti’s made out of attachakki /flour mill at home are incredibly fresh, soft, and crunchy when cooked as they are free of any deceives or preservatives that harm and affect you daily.

Below are some of the famous Indian breads, their composition, and how having atta chakki/flour mill at home can make your life healthier?

Whole-wheat flour breads:

Whole-wheat flour roti are the most popular form of wheat roti’s used in Indian cooking. They form an essential part of in India. With surging popularity, whole wheat is the new choice of a middle-age group, which they consciously include in their diet plans. Whole wheat flour roti’s made out of domestic atta chakki are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and are an excellent source of soluble fiber to keep your digestive system, in shape as required.

Pearl millet flour breads:

Popularly known as Bajra-ki-Roti, a fabulous choice to add to your dietary plans. Bajra is rich in essential components such as protein, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, and iron. Due to its slow digestive capacity, it releases glucose at a slower rate, resulting in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Add bajra roti made out of domestic attachakki to your lunchtime or make healthy porridge for breakfast to stay energetic all through the day.

Sorghum flour breads:

Popularly known as Jollada roti or Jowar-ki-roti in India is again power-packed with protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. A small portion of Jowar has a whopping 22 grams of protein and Jowar being a rich source of protein, should be the most important intake in your diet plan. Flour grinded at home with domestic attachakki can help in weight loss; control blood sugar levels, and is good for diabetic patients. It also is gluten-free by nature.

Finger Millet flour:

Commonly known as Ragi in India, finger millet flour is no exception to being a powerhouse for fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and are high in calcium. With cooling efforts it has on your body, you don’t have to look any further on your calcium intake. Add a spoon of ragi flour with atta chakki at home, to a glass of boiling water with a pinch of salt and let it cool down. Drink it to calm and cool your body. Ragi also does wonders when you are on a weight-loss mission, and fighting diabetes

Ragimuddeor Ragi balls is a must-try recipe from the kitchen of South-India.

Barley Flour:

Barley has numerous amounts of health benefits and helps in controlling blood sugar levels; lower glucose levels reduces blood pressure and help control cholesterol. Jauki Roti is a great addition to your dietary plans for staying healthy and fit, without compromising on your taste buds. Make delicious roti’s out of homemade flour mill for lunch and serve with pickle or make pancakes for breakfast with grated vegetables to energize your day.

Baking with freshly ground whole grain flour

If you have little kids at home you must definitely be loving to bake some delights for them.  Baking is better with freshly stone grounded whole grain flour both in terms of taste, aroma and nutrition.

Previously, consumption of baked goodies was considered unhealthy owing to higher carbs and calories in them. However this has changed now a days with people opting out of refined flour and sugar and choosing healthier alternatives like, whole wheat flour and jaggery as nutritious and tastier options.   

Now you can choose to freshly stone grind the grains of your choice with Hawos Flour mills right on your own kitchen slab and have an unending supply of healthy and unadulterated flour at your fingertips. Turning baking into a tastier and more importantly, a healthier indulgence

Now since you are aware of the enhanced taste, healthier option and prudence of freshly milled flour, let’s talk about how baking with freshly milled flour performs better than packed or stored flour.

  1. Stored flour get compacted and dense over time, while freshly milled flour is light and fluffy. All what you need is an adjustment in measurements depending on what are you baking. 
  2. With Hawos Flour mill you have the flexibility of adjusting the coarseness of the flour.
  3. One can grind exactly how much is required, for example if one needs 200gm of fresh flour, 200 gm of whole wheat berries can be milled. The weight remains constant while converting the grain to flour, but volume will change. In this way, one can be more informed about the measurements of ingredients accurately. Using fresh ingredient will consequently make baked goods fresh every time and conveniently at that.
  4. Wholesome nutrients in the freshly milled flour help in the proliferation of yeast, which make the fermentation faster.
  5. Freshly stone ground flour absorbs considerably more amount of water, which undoubtedly leads to addition its nutrition value.
  1. When baking a loaf the bread, it will have tighter crumb.

The stone ground method of milling can be used for all of baking needs with different grains. Choosing the particle size of the flour is one more convenience that comes with these mills.   

In a nutshell: Give a treat to your taste buds with delicious home baked cakes, breads and more in a healthify way with stone grinding Hawos Flour mills”.

“Eat Fresh, Live Longer”


Here at the Whole Grains Council, we have long been singing the praises of healthy whole grains, so we’re especially delighted to share new research showing that whole grains may help you live longer!

In this exciting study, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed data from over 110,000 adults. The scientists found that every one-ounce (28g) serving of whole grains was associated with a 5% lower total risk of death, or a 9% lower risk of death from heart disease. Whole grain intake was not significantly associated with cancer mortality. The researchers of this study conclude “these results are in line with recommendations that promote increased whole grain consumption to facilitate disease prevention.”

[Want to more? Check out the blog we wrote a few days later on the Ordway’s Table.]

Since the founding of the Whole Grains Council in 2003, we have been promoting whole grain foods for their numerous health benefits and their delicious, full-bodied flavor. Check out the other health benefits of whole grain consumption here, or browse our whole grain health studies database. 

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