Met the real food with best ingredients

Cooking works as meditation when love and patience are the main ingredients. Food is not a stuff to fill your stomach only, but nourish your body and mind as well. A lot of efforts, emotions, and best chosen ingredients, at last but not the least your willingness to cook are the key factors to create culinary wonders. Both the quality and quantity of ingredients plays a vital role in adding taste and flavor to a dish.

If the ingredients which are being used to cook a delicacy are fresh, hygienic and are used in accurate amount, undoubtedly the magic of your hand will turn them into scrumptious dishes. Fresh food with fresh ingredients always taste more relishing and healthful. Freshness in life in any form bring happiness, positivity which ultimately leads to a healthier you.

In Indian cuisine flour and spices are unavoidable ingredients in most of the recipes. For those times when you find it difficult to get fresh flour of any particular grain for any particular dish, need not to worry anymore, Greenfuture has brought a perfect solution for all these concerns.We are happy to introduce these wonderful milling equipment in India in 11 models delivering different capacities with same precision.

All models are surprisingly close packed (compact in size) that can be placed on your kitchen counter very conveniently, settled in less space. Adding this atta chakki in your kitchen gadgets means you are adding hygiene, freshness and more nutrition in your life. Operating these milling machine is quite a pretty easy task. They do not need any specific process of installation, nor do they require any technique to operate them. What all you have to do is just plug the mill in, press the button on and go for it. Many times few recipes demands different grain flour in less quantity for which you do not wanna store that for longer. Don’t worry with this Chhota Jadugar ( domestic flour mill ) even a spoonful of grain/spices/pulses can be ground finely without any process loss. Believe me, the taste and nutritional value of dishes using fresh flour and spices increases manifolds. Permeated aroma of home ground fresh beat quality is the proof indeed. Practicing this hygienic and healthful habit in your regular cooking enhance the flavor of course but improves your health issues as well.

Do give these domestic flour mills a try to achieve, “health bhi, taste bhi”

So, do not delay get yours in your kitchen.



Take care of your kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the place, you start your day from –with a glass of warm water or a cup of tea/coffee. This area is not only used for cooking meals or filing our stomach but also to develop harmony, satisfaction in the house. As we greatly emphasize on the decor of the living room, which is considered to be the representative of the house, the kitchen is also not a place to be taken granted, for it speaks on the behalf of our home too. When we try our hand on a new recipe, a new feeling, excitement and confidence arise in us. The aroma of seasoning spices, fried vegetables permeated around, attract everyone towards the kitchen to find out what’s cooking in there. This is the magic of kitchen, a few simple ingredients transformed into delectable dishes. When you want your kids to be with you in kitchen to witness these transformations, it means you want to spend some quality time with them.  Therefore, if a place serves so many purposes or where you spend a pretty good part of your day for creating umpteen culinary magic, it deserves the utmost care.

domestic flour mill

Here, I am sharing a few tips which I follow in my kitchen to make it more hygienic, pleasurable, and full of positivity and flavors.

Hygiene: Food prepared in kitchen either fills your body with energy or causes food borne illness. To maintain proper hygiene is very essential requirement.

The key steps are:

  • Try to enter your kitchen in clean clothes and don’t cook while cleaning or dusting. Wash your hands properly before you start the preparation in kitchen.
  • Wash fruits/vegetables and other washable ingredients thoroughly 2 to 3 times before using them.
  • Use perishable items first.
  • Store food items appropriately before and after cooking. Follow the storing instructions carefully.
  • Do not use anything post the expiry date.
  • Remove rings while using fingers for kneading dough or mixing batter etc. they may contain dirt in between them.
  • Keep the counter clean and disinfected by wiping it with lukewarm water and baking soda solution.
  • Disinfect the cabinet and refrigerator handles and faucets regularly.
  • Sort your sink frequently, avoid piling up used utensils in it to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Treat pulses/spices/rice etc. correctly to avoid insect breeding.
  • Use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked material to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Maintain the recommended temperature for different food items.
  • Always use clean and different kitchen dusters for different purposes.

How I make my cooking zone pleasurable:

  • Choose a soothing color combination for walls and cabinets, which makes you feel pleased and calm. Place some fresh flowers in a vase near the kitchen window or any other appropriate place on the kitchen counter. Flowers make your mood cheerful.
  • I keep a compact speaker beside me to enjoy light music. It keeps me energetic and happy the time I am there. Good mood is the most important ingredient than any other in cooking.
  • Keeping frequently used tools handy makes cooking easy and hassle free.
  • Do not create mess on counter, wipe out the spills immediately while doing chopping /mixing/grinding etc.
  • If you have already done enough for the day do not stress yourself with complicated cooking, rather choose a simple and easy dish.

In a nutshell having a functional and aesthetically managed kitchen makes cooking a fun filled activity. Furthermore, you should be in love with the place you spend a pretty good amount of your precious time.

Now a days when kitchens are well equipped with ultra-modern gadgets, GREEN FUTURE domestic flour mills will arguably top the list. These house hold atta chakkis are skillfully designed to complement any kitchen counter in amazing compact sizes, incomparable gorgeous appearances and unprecedented performance without adding to your electricity bills. Operation of these machines is quite a simple job, just plug and play method. Mill your spices/pulses/grains immediately whenever and wherever you require them without making yourself tired.

So, do think over it and do not delay to make this Chhota Jadugar your best companion in your cooking zone to serve freshness and health to your loved ones.


“Imagine your cells smiling back at you saying THANKS”

Whole grain diet – make a switch

Before we proceed further, let’s have an idea what whole grain is? Any grain is mainly sub-categorized into two groups – whole grain and refined grain. Whole grain preserves all three parts called:

Bran: Outer shell of grain which is packed with fiber, antioxidants and numerous minerals.

Endosperm: After that comes this second or middle layer which generally contains carbs.

Germ: Innermost layer provides plenty of vitamins, protein and plant compounds.

Whereas, refined flours are mostly stripped off germ and bran, leaving only the endosperm to achieve finest texture, color and extra life of flour. Once you develop the habit of consuming whole grain in your dietary, you will find them full of nutrients, nice texture and most importantly the flavor which circulate energy in your body.

Americans health and human services department had issued a dietary guideline in 2005 to include at least three servings of whole grain a day. (Source: Everyday

Adding more whole grain over refined flour in your life is a smart choice indeed. It not only fill you up with vitamins and fibers but also satisfy your taste buds without any guilt. Through this blog I intend to take you on a culinary journey with lot more health benefits, enjoying more delicacies to binge on.

Cast a look why one should switch to whole grain flour instead of refined flour while having pastas, breads, buns and tortillas etc.

  1. More fibers and nutrients: Being a part of this journey from beginning you must be acquainted with the higher nutrition value of whole grain. They are particularly high in vitamin B, zinc, iron, magnesium, proteins and antioxidants and fibers while refined flours are deprived of them.
  2. Weight loss: if you are desperate to shed some extra pounds, sticking to whole grain diet is a right decision. Whole grain indulgence is very much useful in losing weight owing to high fibers which make you feel full and consequently prevent overeating.
  3. Reducing the risk of multiple disease: Incorporating WHOLE GRAIN into your diet keeps you healthy for a long. Whole grain may help to decrease the risk of following diseases:
  4. Heart risk and stroke: observational studies have proven that eating whole grain regularly reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is one of the leading cause of deaths worldwide. A review of 10 studies found that three, 1-ounce (28 gram) serving of whole grain daily may lower heart disease by 22%. Find the blog to help lowering the risk of heart ailments with whole grain flour on our website .
  5. Type2 diabetes: Intake of whole grain flour (at least 2 servings a day) than refined flour proves a great help in preventing type diabetes.
  6. Rectify digestive disorders like constipation because a rich amount of fibers are present in whole grain which are otherwise removed from refined flour.
  7. Pacifying chronic inflammation: Inflammation can be the root cause of many chronic diseases. Fibers in whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal etc.

I think, the above reasons are good enough to encourage you to make the switch, only thing required here is “willingness to change”. To evolve this habit in your daily dietary in an easier and happier way, Greenfuture private limited has taken up the front by introducing its magical table top household flour mills with the pedestal of 12”x12” in numerous beautiful models. These domestic atta chakkis have become an essential gadget in your kitchen to accompany you in serving health, freshness and hygiene without any extra effort or tiring you. These plug and play grinding machines are completely user friendly with unprecedented life and value for money. These atta chakkis use unique grinding process through CERAMIC CORUNDUM, especially designed to maintain the high nutrition value.

Greenfuture domestic flour mills provide you the opportunity to experiment with different grains like, wheat, black gram, corn, millet, barley, buckwheat, rice etc. and spices/pulses with the least quantity you wish to. Now defining the texture or fineness of milling ingredient is possible by moving the lever from 1 to 9. So no more worries to involve the word ‘healthy’ in your life. Go ahead…..for any assistance regarding this we are just a click ( or a call (9810558695) away.

Don’t focus on how much you eat, focus on what you eat!!!!!