Kitchen is the heart of every home. This place infuses energy, health and freshness across the house. The Kitchen not only for satisfies the taste buds but also has the power to heal ailments and re-energize. There are many condiments, herbs and spices which not only add flavor to the food but also contain great medicinal properties veiled in them.

I am sharing some home remedies which I have found to be helpful to address common health issues at home. In olden times these spices and herbs were considered the as first line of treatment to aid and mitigate majority of ailments and till today hold an important relevance to those who know how to use them.

Enumerated below are few of the healing properties of various spices and seasonings usually available in our kitchen:

  • GARLIC: Tempering of garlic in any recipe enhances its flavor. Moreover, garlic has huge beneficial health effects due to its sulfur content. It boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol and controls blood pressure. It improves heart’s wellness. Consuming garlic empty stomach in the morning exceptionally improves heart functioning and reduces fat.
  • HONEY: has immense antioxidant powers that reduce the risk of heart attacks and certain types of cancer. Honey is good for eyesight if applied as “Kaajal” at bed time but, be sure of its purity. It is helpful in reducing triglyceride levels in body.
  • LEMON: is a popular citrus fruit, rich in Vitamin C and Flavonoids, in kitchen to add flavor to food. Lemon boosts immunity, prevent asthma, lower stroke risks and flush out the toxins from your body. Lemon and honey in lukewarm water is a great catalyst in reducing weight especially when consumed empty stomach in the morning. Lemon helps in maintaining skin complexion.
  • TURMERIC: This star ingredient in kitchen is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties helping to ease inflammation and swelling. It prevents Alzheimer’s and arthritis. It helps in depression as well. Moreover, turmeric is widely used for cosmetic purposes. Using it in homemade face masks adds glow and luster to the skin and rejuvenates it. Applying turmeric paste on wounds stops blood flow and helps the wound to heal faster.

To get the best out of turmeric, it is recommended to grind it on your own turmeric to avoid adulteration. HAWOS GREENFUTURE DOMESTIC FLOUR MILLS provides the easiest milling option in 11 different models. One can grind any non-oily GRAIN/SPICES/PULSES and get the freshest flour instantly.


  • CINNAMON: An aromatic and flavored spice, is a wonderful antiseptic which combats viruses, bacteria and fungal infections. It helps in speedy recovery from common flu symptoms. Intake of boiled water with cinnamon results in weight loss.


  • HING OR ASAFOETIDA: A pinch of hing adds flavor to any Indian recipe. This condiment has properties that assist digestion and relieves stomachaches caused due rich and heavy diets. Asafoetida and garlic paste soothes in insect bites and stings.



  • MINT: A cooling and aromatic herb that adds flavour and aroma to food is packed with multi nutrients. It relieve indigestion, keep the body cool and improves brain activity, is easy to add to your diet.

There are a lot more magical medicinal nuggets hidden in the kitchen, one just needs to keep discovering and trying them out.

However, if any health issues persists over a period of time, one should seek medical assistance.


I cannot help myself to share KIN HUBBARDS’s words here

“And yet of all the home remedies, a good wife and mother is still the best.”



Almost everyone consumes flour as a key ingredient while preparing food whether it is wheat flour or any other flour like – gram flour, millet flour, barley flour etc. Wheat flour is most commonly used in India (especially in north India) where no dish is complete without being served with a flat bread. Now when people are getting more aware of nutrition from different sources to maintain their health, various types of flours are used in cooking. A lot of healthier variants of packed food items have also been introduced in market as well, for example only white bread made of refined flour was the only option available earlier in breads, but now to make it tastier and healthier, brown atta bread, multigrain bread etc. have also been introduced in the market.



I am sharing here the name of few of my tried and tested recipes which you can try to definitely tingle your taste buds and as an healthier alternative. Let’s check them out:

  • Wheat flour: Wheat flour is conceivably unavoidable ingredient in Indian cuisine in either of its form to make a traditional meal complete. Besides chapattis, pooris and parathas try any of these whole wheat flour recipes:
  • Wheat bread
  • Whole wheat pizza base
  • Atta dosa (mixed with spices, herbs, and condiments of your choice)
  • Sweet wheat cheela
  • cakes (all purpose flour can easily be replaced with wheat flour to bake pastries and brownies)
  • fruit pancakes
  • wheat appam
  • whole wheat momos
  • wheat naan etc.


  • Millet flour: Millet is a pearl size grain in grey color, packed with loads of nutrition. It is a boon for gluten sensitive people with a rich amount of antioxidants, nutrients. Food recipes which can be prepared with millet flour are:
  • chapattis , commonly known as ‘Bajre ki roti’
  • millet porridge : to keep you warm in winters
  • bajre ki rabdi : its a very popularly relished dish in Rajasthan generally combined with either milk or chaas(butter milk)
  • millet flour cookies


  • Rice flour: I assumed that there is hardly anyone who dislikes rice. Rice contains loads of proteins, insoluble fibers, magnesium, iron etc. which helps in reducing blood sugar level and boost the metabolism resulting in weight loss, if consumed in limits. Rice is widely used as a gluten free substitute as well. Rice flour is used in many ways, such as:
  • Rice noodles
  • Rice flour pancakes
  • Ukkad (Maharashtrian dish)
  • A nourishing ingredient used for face mask to rejuvenate skin
  • Rice flour coconut fritters


  • Gram flour: Gram flour or ‘Besan’ has been a staple in Indian cuisine for ages and a fond gluten free substitute for wheat flour as well. Some of cooking delights with gram flour are:
  • Desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth : Mysore pak, besan nan khatai, ladoos, and many more.
  • Fritters
  • Masala roti


Consuming all such variant flours (and others) in whole grain form will be a double delight with our domestic, table top Hawos Greenfuture milling machines which helps you to get most out of your grains with its. These household atta chakkis come in 11 different models, beautifully designed in beech and birch wood. Their small size contradicts its performance using minimal electricity.


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Hawos Flour Mill- domestic atta chakki |domestic flour mill

Designer mill with corners and curves

The Oktagon features a new appearance from every angle. As the light hits the different angles of the housing, the solid beech surface texture shows off its natural beauty. Luminescent at times and at others in dark velvet. The interplay of the angular and curved elements creates an exciting yet equally harmonious design. In spite of its utter beauty, performance isn’t sacrificed in the least. Whether a compact Oktagon 1 or a large Oktagon 2, it is versatile and convenient to use thanks to its powerful motor and exceptionally low noise emission.

Eight sides – eight good reasons

1. Solid housing made of solid beech wood

2. A design that will bring joy for decades

3. Single-handed operation

4. Robust and powerful industrial motor

5. Corundum ceramic grinding stones with 70 mm diameter

6. Low noise development at great output speeds

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How to find best Flour mill (Atta Chakki) in India

Flour mill (Atta Chakki) – Today’s India is growing by leaps and bounds every day across all fields. India is creating and adapting new technology, aptly demonstrating that our vision & mission to becoming a developed country from being a developing country, to the world.

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Now “Hawos” brings you the joy of revisiting such simple yet divine pleasures that too with extreme convenience and joyful experience of fresh feel and flavor at your command.

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The Hawos flour mills come in three different output variants-  6kgs / hr, 7.5 Kgs/ Hr and 15 Kgs/Hr. You have a choice of grinding the grain of your choice but also the quantity of your wish. The flour mills easily grinds Wheat, Rice, Maize, Barley, Corn and any other non-oily grain of your choice.  

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