“Hawos Mills” Quality Assurance

Get the best results with your hawos flour mill

Mills with steel plates or teeth apply cutting and frictional forces, but rarely achieve the fineness that stone-mills can provide. Stone grinders shell the kernels from the outside inwards and then gently grind them. Hawos flour mills use extremely hard grindstones made of compressed, baked corundum ceramic composite. They are resistant to debris and deliver ideal, consistent grinding results.

No mill leaves our premises until it has passed stringent controls

Every single hawos mill undergoes visual, acoustic, mechanical and fineness testing as part of our quality controls.

The grinding chamber is also fine-tuned as part of the final inspection by grinding wheat.  For celiac we can fine-tune and test it with gluten free alternatives such as corn so that you get the best results for your usage scenarios.

If at least 90 % of the mill feed passes through a lab sieve with a mesh size of 0.315 mm on the finest setting, the grinding chamber and settings are considered to be fine – only then are we satisfied. Only once the quality tests have been passed, it receives the hawos name badge.

The big differences are sometimes very small

Basic information on flour mills

Do you want to start consuming wholefoods? Have you recognized the essential value of guaranteed freshness? Then milling your own flour is one of the first important steps you should take. With your hawos flour mill, you can mill grain in the comfort of your own home and process it right away.

Quality and Durability

hawos offers you the right mill for your needs. Choosing the right model depends on the amount you want to process and your own basic preference: Our manually operated Rotate requires no power and produce little noise when in use. The electric mills are more convenient and available in numerous configurations, sizes, shapes and colors. The tables on the last few pages provide you with information on the differences between the models to help you make your purchase decision. We don’t compromise when it comes to our technical standards. We only manufacture in Germany and Austria and offer a 10-year warranty on our household flour mills and a 2-year warranty on mills used commercially

We particularly emphasize the following:

• Long life-cycle

• Timeless design

• Proven, robust materials

• Materials from sustainable agriculture

• proven motor engineering

• Quiet – despite high output

• Simple, easy-to-understand engineering

• designed for ease of use, cleaning and maintenance