Things to be considered during Covid – 19

This unprecedented period has taught us a lot. We have become more independent and self-reliant. We have adopted hygienic habits in our daily routine. We all have enjoyed a quality family time these days. Parents are happy as their kids have learnt to eat healthy, home cooked food. Since eating healthy has become of utmost importance, staying home and having home cooked meal is the right thing to do. We should strictly follow the safety measures against contracting the virus like avoiding outdoor exposures, maintaining social distancing, wearing mask, and frequent hand wash or sanitizing. Grocery, vegetables and milk are some basic essentials which we have to buy frequently or daily basis. In that case Greenfuture private limited puts together useful tips for safety aspects:

Wear mask and gloves: As we all know according to worldwide safety guidelines wearing gloves and mask is compulsory when you go out of the house to avoid direct contact with things that have been touched before.

Avoid touching unnecessary items: while buying groceries, fruits and vegetables etc. try not to touch extra items.

Carry your own shopping bag: Carrying your own shopping bags when you step out to shop will protect you from the risk of directly holding many plastic or other bags.

Choose online payment modes: Try to make payments online as exchanging currency is highly risky because it passes through many hands.
Prefer online shopping: Avoid buying things physically from shops as much as you can. There are many online portals to fulfill our shopping needs which are convenient and safer. So try to switch to online shopping for your requirements.

Don’t use goods or packets directly after bringing home: Rinse the perishable things thoroughly in freshwater, dip them in lukewarm water or mix baking soda in dipping water for a while, wash them again and store them in fridge after drying. You can also leave the packets in sunshine in your balcony if the ingredient inside allows so.

Don’t receive home deliveries directly: Ask the delivery boy to leave the packet outside or put a basket or bucket to drop the packet in, sanitize them before you hold them or bring inside.

Disinfect your home regularly: Make this a habit to disinfect the handles and knobs of doors and frequently touched surfaces to maintain hygiene.
At last thinking positive and staying aware is the most important thing in such testing times. Stay home eat healthy and fresh to keep yourself fit.

Green future private limited will be more than happy if our compact domestic flour Mills help you to serve the purpose. These atta chakkis ensure the utmost hygiene and freshness of your food in most convenient manner. Buy whole grain of your choice rather than packed flour and grind it in your kitchen without any mess up or flour dust. Freshly ground flour/spices/pulses add irresistible aroma and flavor to your culinary arts. Freshly ground ingredients retain all the nutrients to the fullest. In such testing times it has become a must in your kitchen to be more sure about hygiene and freshness.

Stay safe….stay healthy!!!