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hawos Molere

hawos Molere – the hand mill


Contains bichotan charcoal. Charcoal is effective in maintaining clean skin as it fully cleanses pores and removes excess oil.

hawos Grain Storage

The hawos granaries fit well in any kitchen. The grain is safe and attractive to store, through the glass you are always well informed. An optical stimulus arises on top of that by the different grains coloring. This silo fits exactly into the standard kitchen grid. That means he disappears easily in a small niche. See outside dimensions below.

hawos Novum

Housed in a colorful plastic case designed specifically for modern kitchens, the proven hawos technology hides the powerful 360-watt motor and extremely hard corundum / ceramic grindstones.

Westmark Vegetable Slicer

The vegetable slicer ideal for processing fruits and vegetables (potatoes, cucumbers, Carrots, radish, onions, apples, etc.) 3 interchangeable blades, planing blade 1 produces slices, Julienne blade 2 produces fine stripes, Julienne blade 3 produces coarse stripes, material: high quality plastic, blades made of stainless steel.

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