Gluten allergy or intolerance is fairly common these days. What is Gluten, though? Gluten is a group of proteins largely found in grains like wheat, barley, rye and spelt, amongst which wheat is the most consumed grain. When water is mixed with flour for kneading, gluten make the dough sticky to give it a chewy texture. Gluten is basically a combination of two main proteins called gliadin and gluten in. Gluten is not bad for everyone neither everyone is advised to consume gluten free diet. However, Gliadin can be very dangerous for people suffering from gluten allergy or intolerance and when this allergy reaches to its most severe stage, it is called ‘Celiac disease’. Some of symptoms of gluten allergy are as following:

  • Digestion disorders
  • Stomachache
  • Headache or migraine
  • tiredness
  • Rashes on skin
  • Weight loss
  • Mild depression
  • Numbness in limbs
  • Mental fatigue

These symptoms may relate to some other disease as well, nevertheless you continuously face them without any recognized reason. However, sometimes it may not show any symptoms for a long period of time or it can be inherited.


To deal with this allergy it is advisable to follow gluten free diet strictly. Few nonfood items may also contain gluten like cosmetic products, bath products, etc. Now a days, a number of gluten free products are easily available in market. Main challenge comes with bakery goods, to replace wheat or refined flour to get desirable results. Using gluten free flours for baking or for preparing other recipes may taste different but serve plenty of nutrients. The most commonly used flours for gluten free preparations are:

  • Rice flour
  • Millet flour
  • Maize flour
  • Almond flour
  • Quinoa flour
  • Oat flour
  • Gram flour etc.

To ensure that these flours are gluten contamination free, milling own gluten free flour at home under their own supervision is the best way. Dietitian Thompson’s research revealed that inherently, gluten free items can be contaminated with gluten. Therefore, to ensure optimum hygiene and nutrition, Hawos Greenfuture introduces the best milling option through its wooden atta chakkis. These domestic mills are highly recommended for fresh flour/spices and pulses of your choice for milling flours which are totally free from gluten. Milling through these German atta chakkis is fun and is neither tiring nor time-consuming process, right from installation to wind up the process. Now one can grind any ingredient under utmost hygienic surroundings and enjoy the delicacies without being scared of any gluten content.


So enjoy your food, it is not your enemy.


Greenfuture Hawos domestic flour mills are packed with various incomparable and unique features like:

  1. Wooden outer casing: outer body of these atta chakkis are made of premium quality birch or beech wood either in ply or solid wood options. These are treated with linseed oil to ensure extra lifetime and protection against wear and tear;
  2. Industrial category motor with low wattage: The ultra-high performance industrial motors come in two variants 360 watts and 600 watts. These consumes optimum electricity, while efficiently providing and output of 100gms, 125gms and 250gms per minute depending on the model.
  3. ELCB switch: These mills are protected by high quality earth leakage circuit breaker switches which trips the machine when there is a fluctuation of voltage or when the machine is either overused or gets overheated. These ELCB switches simultaneously serve as on and off buttons.


Amidst the unique features mentioned above, the mills also offer exclusively amazing ‘Grinding process’ which make these compact size mills more beneficial and incomparable than others:

  • Grinding process – Drawing inspiration from our ancient and traditional grinding process, it was observed that stone grinding is the best method for milling process, as it preserve the nutrients of all the three parts of grain i.e. bran, endosperm and germ. These three parts contain all the nutrients and fibers. Incidentally, these parts also contain a lot of flavor to make recipes tastier.
  • Grinding tool – Hawos mills use “Ceramic corundum” stone for the stone grinding process, which further preserves the nutritional value and taste of the flour.

What is ceramic corundum?


This is third hardest stone after diamond and moissanite made of compressed, ‘oven baked’ corundum ceramic composite. Grinding with this stone reduces heating of the flour during the milling process which is a major pitfall of mills having steel blades (since stone grinding grind the grains instead of cutting them).

This way, Hawos domestic atta chakkis ensure that all nutrients are kept intact in the flour. Ceramic corundum millstones are specially designed to grind precisely while producing minimal level of noise.

The stones set in our grain grinders are self-sharpening which also results in higher grinding efficiency and longer service life.

These stones are also milling debris resistant which results in stable grinding performance, so it will not be easy to jam while operating the mill.


  • Low RPM – These German gadgets functions at a low RPM (Revolutions per Minute), which means slow grinding speed at around 1300-1400 rpm, which is 50% less than other milling equipment’s. A mill with a low RPM will avoid high grinding temperature, which in turn ensures that nutrients and taste of ground grains/spices/pulses is preserved.


These unparalleled features have proved hawos domestic flour mills to be most efficient and health booster options available world over since 1960’s.


Customer satisfaction is a barometer that measures and reveals if the customers are pleased with a products, it’s after sales services and staff behavior of that organisation. Greenfuture Private Limited is committed to fulfill its customers’ expectation of the products it deals in. We, at Greenfuture, are more than willing to address all your queries related to the products with a smile. Our team comprises of well qualified, positively engaging and humble members that are happy to help you throughout the life of the product during and beyond the warranty period. Customers’ reviews on our portal and through any other mediums are evaluated meticulously to address their requirements and are used to identify  possible areas where improvement can be accomplished in our product line and/or services. We work on “customer first” module and we strongly believe that one happy customer creates many more. Like Warren Buffet’s said ‘’any business with delighted customers has a sales force they won’t have to pay; you don’t see them, but they are talking to people all the time.”

We value our customers and their hard earned money by ensuring the can avail the access to the very premium and top class products in the world. Our team initiate a personal interactive session about the smooth operating procedure of our domestic flour mills at the time of purchase (across NCR- Delhi) or provide informative videos and interactive video sessions for the same if you opt for online shopping on our portal All this to ensure you are fully aware of the optimum functioning of the equipment and can deduce maximum benefits and value for money.

These high tech milling solutions have been designed for trouble free functioning across their long life span . One needs to plug in and switch on the grinding gadget, fill the hopper with grain/ spices/ pulses and “Voila” the machine does the rest with precision and that too without much noise.  All 11 models of Hawos domestic flour mills function on the same principle hence the standard process leaving no room for any inconsistency across all models irrespective of its size and output.  Moreover, these German equipment’s come with unmatched warranty period which will surely add to your delight.

In an unlikely event of a problem, we assure quick mitigation of the same. Greenfuture will resolve any issues regarding optimum functioning of our Hawos mills. Further, if any part(s) covered under the warranty gets damaged during the period, we believed in replacing the damaged part(s) with new one rather repairing the same. Our promise to our existing and potential customers is not only to deliver best products but to provide best after-sales services as well.


Everyone around us faces one or the other health issue which we generally ignore as they do not pose immediate problem. However, if the same are not addressed, it may lead to dire consequences in the future. Arguably, most of the health issues occur due to incorrect eating habits and /or poor disciplined lifestyle. This could be turned around by substituting desired changes in eating habits and  lifestyle. Let’s check what could be such changes  which one could  follow to bring more life into the number of years:

  • Exercise: We all know the importance of regular exercise in our life. Lack of physical work-out or sedentary lifestyle is one of the major root cause for various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart ailments, etc. Even a small amount of regular exercise keeps you healthy and keep the diseases at bay. Going out for a daily brisk walk for just 45 mins amounts to a pretty good exercise for heart and weight loss.


  • Good eating habits: It may sound quite confusing and vague as to what “good eating habits” really means. Well, it depends on an individual’s requirements; however, the same generally means having a balanced diet full of nutrients, including proteins, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals and sufficient quantity of water.

 ‘What, how much and when are you eating are the basics of an ideal dietary.’

Our diet should comprise of rich amount of fruits, vegetables for roughage and whole grains for their nutrients and fibers. Whole grain means that the ingredient is packed with bran, endosperm and germ which are essential to deliver all its benefits and enhance the flavor of food.

It’s time to switch to multi whole grain fresh flour from packed refined flour or stored flour. Freshly ground whole grain flour has tremendous health benefits over the stored/packed or refined flour. Refined flour is stripped of most of its nutrients in form of bran and germ to give it a finer texture and an extra shelf-life. Whole grain fresh flour, especially ground by stone under your supervision, provides multiple added benefits to you.

Hawos Flour Mills provide the option of convenient milling right on your kitchen counter because of the super compact size.  These atta chakki use conventional stone grinding mechanism to keep all the nutrients intact in a hassle free manner so that you can conveniently operate and enjoy your kitchen while preparing every meal, every day. Even a spoonful of grains can be grounded immediately ensuring a dietary regime for a healthier you.


Let’s cultivate a happy relationship with food!!

Ground organic black pepper – flavor enhancer and immunity booster

From ages black pepper is widely used in cooking to add extra flavor in delicacies. Black pepper comes from pepper vine that grows in tropical climate. These pepper vines actually bear small white flowers, fruit that turn into berries named peppercorns, collected as whole berries. Black pepper is proven quite a handful of healthy properties as whole berries or as ground pepper power. More than a spice, it has the ability of enhancing the digestive system function.

It stimulates the secretion from taste buds which alerts the stomach to increase its own hydrochloric acid, a liquid helps in breaking down the protein to make it digested easily. Black pepper has great quantity of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which restrict the bacterial growth, especially in intestinal tract. An ounce of this organic spice has a lot to offer instead of being a table spice only. It is a great source of magnesium, vitamin k, iron and fiber. According to a research it also helps one quit smoking and is actively used in smoking cessation treatments. Few more of good effects of organic black pepper include cancer, diabetes prevention and improvise brain health. It is also helpful in improving eyesight.

The organic piperine content of this spice used in essential organic oils largely used in aromatherapy to comfort aching muscles and arthritis effects. It also promote skin and hair health. Regular intakes of black pepper and its content piperine combat blood pressure and helps you in weight loss. When combined with honey this spice works as a natural cough suppressant. Black pepper is commonly used in powder form than whole seed, be it a table spice or seasoning for salads and Chinese preparations etc. To keep it safe from any adulteration Greenfuturemill provides you the safe, hygienic and fresh milling option with Hawos domestic flour mills.

These atta chakki can grind spices in the least quantity as well. Ground black pepper generally comes in a can or packet is exposed to oxidation, while grinding peppercorns on your own with these atta chakki, you sealed unoxidized center releasing all of the reach flavors and multiple benefits. I suggest you wanna use cracked black pepper instead of pepper powder, no worries you can get coarsely ground black pepper by simply moving a grinding scale provided on one of the four sides of Greenfuture grain/ spice / pulses grinders. Cracked and ground organic pepper do not taste same. Cracked black pepper has less surface area so piperine and terpene do not evaporate quickly, thus has strong aroma and flavor. To get most of this spice it is advisable to grind it on your own. Greenfuture flour mill serve these purposes with great convenience. If you have organic spices / grains and pulses the benefits of your ingredient and these flour mills increased in multiplications undoubtedly.

Health benefits of freshly ground turmeric

Turmeric is known to be the King of spices owing to multiple benefits that it provides. Turmeric is a spice that has many purposes, be it due to its medicinal properties, as a colour representing knowledge and learning in Hindu mythology, as its use as a natural dye for fabric industry, be its use as a cosmetic and as an essential ingredient for cooking across the globe. Generally it comes in orange and yellow colour, a member of Ginger Family, fresh turmeric is a tuberous root that has brown skin and fluorescent orange flesh inside. It is getting lots of attention because of the active ingredients it stores in it, having many scientifically proven health benefits. However, when we procure turmeric powder from market these benefits may be completely lost due to adulteration. Adulteration of spices and addition of unnatural colour is not unusual. Turmeric powder has been found to be adulterated with lead chromate, a substance banned as a food additive. Manufacturers use lead chromate to enhance the colour of spice which leads to cognitive defects. People are unknowingly consuming adulterated spices that could cause major health issues. Food safety checks may detect only a fraction of adulteration in turmeric being traded worldwide. Adulterated turmeric may also be poisonous and act as a neurotoxin when ingested by humans. To prevent these hazardous chemicals intakes Hawos grain grinder facilitates to grind turmeric kernels to powder form conveniently. Hawos domestic flour mills not only grind all kinds of grain but also helps to grind all moisture and oil free spices. Dry turmeric fingers broken into small pieces can be grinded easily in these atta chakki. This way one can get the utmost freshness in the spice to consume with all its healthy properties. Turmeric is an essential spice that many people consume regularly in India to give curries a spectacular yellow colour and for many other purposes. If you think it as a spice only, well it’s time to expand your horizons, let’s see why

  • Turmeric with its main ingredient called curcumin is used to prevent and treat cancer, helps in heart diseases, Alzheimer. It may also be helpful to improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and is beneficial in treating symptoms of stomach ulcers too.
  • Widely used in beauty products; turmeric is excellent for your skin as well. Its regular use on your face brings the sparkling glow. Turmeric makes a great anti acne cleanser and face wash. When combined with lemon it is also reduces the growth of unwanted facial hair.
  • It is also used as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat inflammation both internally and externally.
  • It contains minerals such as magnesium, Phosphorus and potassium to keep you strong and healthy.

With Hawos flour mill you not only unleash the power of grains but can also consume spices at their best. Using fresh spice and grinding them when required helps to keep your spices super fresh. Using fresh ground turmeric enhance the flavour, colour and taste of your curries. Self-grinding ensures that the potential health benefits are retained allowing the user to enjoy full rewards of improved digestion, boosted metabolism and plenty of other advantages.  Using ceramic corundum stones as grinding tools in these German flour mills results in cool grinding process which retains the full nutrients of ingredient.

Revolution in grinding kitchen gadgets with Hawos mills

We all have heard the stories from our grandparents about their way of living. In ancient times the life was not so easy, they had to work really very hard to fulfill their daily needs for example they had to fetch water from a distant well in village or collect wood in outskirts forest as a fuel to  cook for their families. For ladies the day started with the activity of grinding grains for preparing meals for family throughout the day. There were rarely any local atta chakk is in villages to get their grains ground. Then they started using two grinding stones of equal diameters placed on each other to grind their grain, the top stone resting on a pivot in its center on the lower stone.

The grain was filled in a hole or hopper in the upper stone. The lower stone was stationary while the upper stone was kept rotating by moving a handle with hand force. This way they served freshly milled flour dishes to their family. After that automated machines were introduced for milling which are bigger in size, using Steel blades or other stones which heat the flour up during the grinding process. Milling flour is an engagement of entire day, starting from installing to cleaning the machine. Keeping all these struggles in mind Green future private limited has come up with a revolution for your kitchen in terms of milling. Sometimes we may find it difficult to take the wheat or any grain and get it ground at the mill away from our house to get the desired kind of flour.

To give them a comfortable option Green future Hawos domestic grain grinders are incomparable in all aspects. All of its 11 models are tabletop mills, can be easily installed on your kitchen slab occupying the least space. Just fill the grain in hopper, switch on the button and get the desired flour in seconds. These mini wonders not only ease your milling but also serve tremendous health benefits, as maybe one of the reasons bad things happen to our bodies is not because  gluten, it’s because of we are eating dead or rotten flour. Aged or stored flour get denser over the time as it absorbs moisture from environment that can lead to bacteria proliferation. Moreover, in packet flour, bran and germ of wheat berries are removed to make the flour look whiter. So adding fresh flour in your dietary can reduce the risk of many diseases. Hawos atta chakk mills a wide variety of grains that are oil free and moisture free. These beautifully designed domestic flour mills enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen and blend with the surroundings. These modern Mills are perfectly compatible with your modern kitchen. They produce less noise during the grinding process as compared to other mills. These little wonders are super powerful in performance, even the lowest atta chakki delivers high results consuming very low electricity. Different models work with 360 watt and 600 watt motor inside producing 7.5 kg and 15 kg an hour respectively. Adding to your surprise, the fineness of flour can be obtained conveniently by moving the grinding scale from 1 to 9. One more feature that may attract you is these German wooden flour Mills need zero maintenance. In short Hawos flour mills are super compact in size, most convenient in use, has great aesthetic value, hassle-free. It’s a onetime investment which serves during your entire lifetime.


Hawos milling, keeps you healthy and smiling.




Vitality “The pursuit of life”

Today we all are leading a stressful life, being on toes all the time is the foremost requirement of present day.

Amidst this strenuous life, we cannot ignore our health. As we all know “GOOD HEALTH IS THE TRUE WEALTH”. One of the central pillar to a healthy lifestyle is GOOD NUTRITION.

So keeping quality nutrition in mind Green future private limited has come up with its 11 models of Hawos domestic flour mill. The following reasons describe why one should choose Hawos flour stone mills over Local Atta Chakki flour/packed flour

Hygiene: – The main issue we face with local atta chakki is hygiene. Hygiene is our foremost requirement in every aspect when it comes to health, so why not with flour which we consume daily.

Local chakki atta is exposed to free radicals of environment, airborne bacteria etc. Whereas with the automated hawos grain grinders addresses all the hygiene concerns.

Nutrition value: – studies have shown that freshly ground flour provide added nutrition to your diet compared to stored flour. Freshly ground flour has higher level of vitamins and fibers, so you can get all the nutrients to the full potential.

Reduced noise level: – Unique elastic bedding is used in multiple Hawos models is especially designed to reduce the grinding noise.

Compact yet powerful: – as compare to other atta chakki which are bigger in size, Hawos domestic flour mills are super compact in size, aesthetically pleasing while delivering high performance.

Convenience: – One does not need to install these machines every time one want to grind grains. These are the table top, plug and play equipment. There is an auto cleaning brush inside which cleans the residues as it mills. So one need not clean the machine after every use. These German equipment serves with zero maintenance.

Stone grinding:  Rather than steel blades, ceramic corundum stone is used in these machines for grinding. Steel blades heat the flour during the milling process which burns the nutrients while ceramic corundum stone grinding leads to cool grinding which retains the nutrients of grains. All three parts of whole grains – bran, endosperm and germ are retain through stone grinding.

Grinding on scale point: Getting the right particle size for the flour is super easy and at the fingertip. There is no tedious requirement of changing the sieves or plates to get the desired particle size of flour, this can be easily achieved by adjusting the lever to the desired level.


In short a multi-functional machine which fulfills several tasks. Moreover, it enhance the aesthetic value of any kitchen. So, what are you waiting for, choose a model for yourself today.

This is a ‘one time investment for life time health”


Chhota Jadugar on your kitchen slab

Well, the above phrase goes perfectly well with all Hawos flour mills. This is actually a revolutionary product in extremely compact size, designed to enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Moreover, the beauty of this product lies in its multiple uses in the easiest way. We are honored and privileged to bring this Jadugar right on your kitchen slab to spread the aroma of freshness around. Don’t judge the little wonder by its size, even the smallest Hawos mill delivers an unbelievable performance. You may choose the model which is just right for your family, depending upon the number of family members or the quantity you want to process. While the smaller mills have an in-built 360 watts motors, the bigger models are powered by 600 watts Industrial motors making them Ideal for large families, cooking courses institutions and small bakeries. Quality process is ideal across all options. Milling your own flour in such a hassle-free manner is quite a marvel. Think of a recipe that requires flour any kind and you are able to get fresh and wholesome flour with the click of a button. You can make exceptionally fresh, delicious and healthy delicacies with freshly ground flour like


Freshly milled muesli


Grain soups

Cereal porridge (Daliya)



For those suffering from celiac disease, gluten free alternative flour such as corn, buckwheat etc. can be milled to address their dietary requirements.

One of the model -HAWOS Novum comes in vibrant colours to brighten up your kitchen and make you cheerful while cooking. This is a perfect modern machine for your modern kitchen whose robust, high performance engineering is packed inside a non-slip, shock resistant plastic housing. The transparent hopper allows you to check the quantity of grain at all-times even when the mill is on. A plastic flour bowl is included in the product contents as well. So isn’t it a Chhota Jadugar in true sense… As stone-ground whole grain flour is proven to be healthier as it contain the germ, bran and endosperm which are the parts that hold all the nutrients and flavors.

With this domestic Atta chakki you can grind grains for every meal throughout the day. Using this flour mill will keep your kitchen slab clean and does not require you to engage with mill once the hopper is full. The machine do its job relatively in silence and with precision. In this way you enjoy the freshness without being tired.

So,   Eat fresh without any stress……………. happy milling

Gluten and its relationship with domestic attachakki

What is Gluten?

Glu-ten is derived from “Glue” like property of wet dough. Frequently found in wheat and other grains like Rye and Barley, gluten has two proteins called gluten-in and gliadin, which are exceedingly harmful to an Individual prone to Celiac disease. When wheat flour is mixed with water, the gluten proteins form a sticky network that is glue-like and makes the dough elastic and gives rise to bread. 

In short, gluten is a family of proteins found in products like Wheat, Rye, and Barley.

Facts about Gluten-free food:

Individuals prone to Celiac disease (Common symptoms are digestive discomfort, constipation, tiredness, headache, depression, and weight loss) should avoid Gluten-free food as protein content in Wheat/Rye/Barley causes intestinal problems. In research conducted by NCBI, it was found that 1% of people of the northern part and 0.1% of people of the southern part of India had Celiac disease and were recommended a gluten-free diet.

To the ones who didn’t qualify the Celiac disease test, but had symptoms of celiac disease, were put on a gluten-free diet to be monitored regularly for their health condition and were termed as “Non-celiac” or with “gluten sensitivity.”

Importance of domestic attachakki:

Domestic attachakki is a flour machine used to cereals for all flour purposes. The whole grain flour made domestic atta chakki is packed with proteins, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which can help control cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and increase energy levels.

For an extensive population, the presence or absence of gluten in your diet is not directly related to your health benefits. What’s important is to have a balanced diet – full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains regularly. A change in lifestyle is paramount than making a shift to gluten-free food without consultation. One such lifestyle change can also be to consider a domestic attachakki to grind fresh flour for all purposes. Choosing products, which are free of circumvent and are conservative and bidding farewell to an enormous amount of bread, pasta, desserts, and cookies can help you get-in-shape in minimal time with long-term benefits.

The minerals, fiber, and nutritional components in whole grains with gluten proteins help maintain an excellent dietary life along with fruits and vegetables on a day-to-day basis. Wheat flour contains the maximum amount of gluten and wheat being a staple grain in India, the wheat flour should be made fresh with domestic atta chakki at home and be used at its peak.

Reduce fat and sugar content from your everyday life and snap to a healthier dietary lifestyle with the inclusion of whole grain flour recipes made with domestic attachakki to get rid of unwanted fat, which will help you get in shape and shed extra kilos expeditiously. Avoiding whole grains without being diagnosed for “celiac disease” or “gluten sensitivity” can lead to heart diseases in the long run as you are dodging a bunch of minerals, fiber, and nutrients required for the body.

The fresh flour made out of domestic atta chakki for home helps improve the lives of senior people at home and delicious dishes made out of fresh flour can get one inclined towards wheat and whole-grain products.

A life-changing Idea for a Whole-grain enthusiast:

Amidst growing popularity and cooking delicacies, choosing the flour for your roti’s, pizza bread, cakes, and desserts are getting tricky with multiple options of refined flour made readily available. Hence having a domestic attachakki to grind your flour for all purposes will keep your “flour” free of any preservatives because the refined flour goes through a refining process, and essential nutrients are shredded during the process. Hence investing in domestic attachakki that is trendy with tremendous benefits to suit your busy lifestyle and modern kitchen is a life-changing idea to stay healthier for a family put-together.