Chhota Jadugar on your kitchen slab

Well, the above phrase goes perfectly well with all Hawos flour mills. This is actually a revolutionary product in extremely compact size, designed to enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Moreover, the beauty of this product lies in its multiple uses in the easiest way. We are honored and privileged to bring this Jadugar right on your kitchen slab to spread the aroma of freshness around. Don’t judge the little wonder by its size, even the smallest Hawos mill delivers an unbelievable performance. You may choose the model which is just right for your family, depending upon the number of family members or the quantity you want to process. While the smaller mills have an in-built 360 watts motors, the bigger models are powered by 600 watts Industrial motors making them Ideal for large families, cooking courses institutions and small bakeries. Quality process is ideal across all options. Milling your own flour in such a hassle-free manner is quite a marvel. Think of a recipe that requires flour any kind and you are able to get fresh and wholesome flour with the click of a button. You can make exceptionally fresh, delicious and healthy delicacies with freshly ground flour like


Freshly milled muesli


Grain soups

Cereal porridge (Daliya)



For those suffering from celiac disease, gluten free alternative flour such as corn, buckwheat etc. can be milled to address their dietary requirements.

One of the model -HAWOS Novum comes in vibrant colours to brighten up your kitchen and make you cheerful while cooking. This is a perfect modern machine for your modern kitchen whose robust, high performance engineering is packed inside a non-slip, shock resistant plastic housing. The transparent hopper allows you to check the quantity of grain at all-times even when the mill is on. A plastic flour bowl is included in the product contents as well. So isn’t it a Chhota Jadugar in true sense… As stone-ground whole grain flour is proven to be healthier as it contain the germ, bran and endosperm which are the parts that hold all the nutrients and flavors.

With this domestic Atta chakki you can grind grains for every meal throughout the day. Using this flour mill will keep your kitchen slab clean and does not require you to engage with mill once the hopper is full. The machine do its job relatively in silence and with precision. In this way you enjoy the freshness without being tired.

So,   Eat fresh without any stress……………. happy milling

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