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How to reduce Snacking

Before we discuss about how to reduce snacking, Let us talk about the word snacking is.


Snacking is that portion of food which we have between our regular meals. Generally, snack food symbolize fried, processed and high calories food items like packaged food, chips, cookies or homemade snacks.

They may or may not be healthy. Generally (nothing should come here) they are good in taste, color and aroma which contribute to stimulate hunger and grab them.

Mostly evening time or 4’o clock hunger fires up the feeling to have something spicy and fried instead of something healthy. As I feel evening cravings for snacks leads to add some extra unwanted ponds. It is advisable to choose nourishing healthy snacks which keeps you full for longer.


Here I am sharing few tips which may help you to reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks:

  1. Have your meal properly: Make your stomach full while having any meal of the day. It will help to reduce the cravings for tea time snacks.
  2. Fiber rich, high protein snacks are helpful in weight loss as they are harder to digest. So you will feel satiated for longer and won’t eat unnecessarily.
  3. Drink plenty of water: According to a study when you feel hungry after sometime of having meals and crave for snacks, you are actually thirsty. Drink a glass full of water, chances are pretty good that the wish of having snacks will vanish.
  4. Pick up a fruit when you desire to have something sweet, it will help you to avoid extra calories.
  5. Divert your attention: A research shows that generally we crave for snacks when we are sitting idle. So next time when you feel so, just divert your attention to other activities or talk to someone, and you will forget about your craving for snack.
  6. Choose a small plate while serving yourself. It will stop you from overeating,
  7. Place snacks items out of your sight in your kitchen- ‘out of sight out of mind’.
  8. Keep yourself stress free because studies show that we tend to eat more while in stress.
  9. Do not wait to have meals until you feel starved because then chances are higher, that you’ll over eat.
  10. If you are working late nights or your kids are studying, try to replace cookies with almonds, fox nuts, or popcorns. These items will provide you certain nutrients and keeps you energetic too.

But sometimes do treat yourself with the snack you craved for.

Healthy eating leads to healthier you!!!!

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