Everyone around us faces one or the other health issue which we generally ignore as they do not pose immediate problem. However, if the same are not addressed, it may lead to dire consequences in the future. Arguably, most of the health issues occur due to incorrect eating habits and /or poor disciplined lifestyle. This could be turned around by substituting desired changes in eating habits and  lifestyle. Let’s check what could be such changes  which one could  follow to bring more life into the number of years:

  • Exercise: We all know the importance of regular exercise in our life. Lack of physical work-out or sedentary lifestyle is one of the major root cause for various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart ailments, etc. Even a small amount of regular exercise keeps you healthy and keep the diseases at bay. Going out for a daily brisk walk for just 45 mins amounts to a pretty good exercise for heart and weight loss.


  • Good eating habits: It may sound quite confusing and vague as to what “good eating habits” really means. Well, it depends on an individual’s requirements; however, the same generally means having a balanced diet full of nutrients, including proteins, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals and sufficient quantity of water.

 ‘What, how much and when are you eating are the basics of an ideal dietary.’

Our diet should comprise of rich amount of fruits, vegetables for roughage and whole grains for their nutrients and fibers. Whole grain means that the ingredient is packed with bran, endosperm and germ which are essential to deliver all its benefits and enhance the flavor of food.

It’s time to switch to multi whole grain fresh flour from packed refined flour or stored flour. Freshly ground whole grain flour has tremendous health benefits over the stored/packed or refined flour. Refined flour is stripped of most of its nutrients in form of bran and germ to give it a finer texture and an extra shelf-life. Whole grain fresh flour, especially ground by stone under your supervision, provides multiple added benefits to you.

Hawos Flour Mills provide the option of convenient milling right on your kitchen counter because of the super compact size.  These atta chakki use conventional stone grinding mechanism to keep all the nutrients intact in a hassle free manner so that you can conveniently operate and enjoy your kitchen while preparing every meal, every day. Even a spoonful of grains can be grounded immediately ensuring a dietary regime for a healthier you.


Let’s cultivate a happy relationship with food!!

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