Revolution in grinding kitchen gadgets with Hawos mills

We all have heard the stories from our grandparents about their way of living. In ancient times the life was not so easy, they had to work really very hard to fulfill their daily needs for example they had to fetch water from a distant well in village or collect wood in outskirts forest as a fuel to  cook for their families. For ladies the day started with the activity of grinding grains for preparing meals for family throughout the day. There were rarely any local atta chakk is in villages to get their grains ground. Then they started using two grinding stones of equal diameters placed on each other to grind their grain, the top stone resting on a pivot in its center on the lower stone.

The grain was filled in a hole or hopper in the upper stone. The lower stone was stationary while the upper stone was kept rotating by moving a handle with hand force. This way they served freshly milled flour dishes to their family. After that automated machines were introduced for milling which are bigger in size, using Steel blades or other stones which heat the flour up during the grinding process. Milling flour is an engagement of entire day, starting from installing to cleaning the machine. Keeping all these struggles in mind Green future private limited has come up with a revolution for your kitchen in terms of milling. Sometimes we may find it difficult to take the wheat or any grain and get it ground at the mill away from our house to get the desired kind of flour.

To give them a comfortable option Green future Hawos domestic grain grinders are incomparable in all aspects. All of its 11 models are tabletop mills, can be easily installed on your kitchen slab occupying the least space. Just fill the grain in hopper, switch on the button and get the desired flour in seconds. These mini wonders not only ease your milling but also serve tremendous health benefits, as maybe one of the reasons bad things happen to our bodies is not because  gluten, it’s because of we are eating dead or rotten flour. Aged or stored flour get denser over the time as it absorbs moisture from environment that can lead to bacteria proliferation. Moreover, in packet flour, bran and germ of wheat berries are removed to make the flour look whiter. So adding fresh flour in your dietary can reduce the risk of many diseases. Hawos atta chakk mills a wide variety of grains that are oil free and moisture free. These beautifully designed domestic flour mills enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen and blend with the surroundings. These modern Mills are perfectly compatible with your modern kitchen. They produce less noise during the grinding process as compared to other mills. These little wonders are super powerful in performance, even the lowest atta chakki delivers high results consuming very low electricity. Different models work with 360 watt and 600 watt motor inside producing 7.5 kg and 15 kg an hour respectively. Adding to your surprise, the fineness of flour can be obtained conveniently by moving the grinding scale from 1 to 9. One more feature that may attract you is these German wooden flour Mills need zero maintenance. In short Hawos flour mills are super compact in size, most convenient in use, has great aesthetic value, hassle-free. It’s a onetime investment which serves during your entire lifetime.


Hawos milling, keeps you healthy and smiling.




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