Greenfuture Hawos domestic flour mills are packed with various incomparable and unique features like:

  1. Wooden outer casing: outer body of these atta chakkis are made of premium quality birch or beech wood either in ply or solid wood options. These are treated with linseed oil to ensure extra lifetime and protection against wear and tear;
  2. Industrial category motor with low wattage: The ultra-high performance industrial motors come in two variants 360 watts and 600 watts. These consumes optimum electricity, while efficiently providing and output of 100gms, 125gms and 250gms per minute depending on the model.
  3. ELCB switch: These mills are protected by high quality earth leakage circuit breaker switches which trips the machine when there is a fluctuation of voltage or when the machine is either overused or gets overheated. These ELCB switches simultaneously serve as on and off buttons.


Amidst the unique features mentioned above, the mills also offer exclusively amazing ‘Grinding process’ which make these compact size mills more beneficial and incomparable than others:

  • Grinding process – Drawing inspiration from our ancient and traditional grinding process, it was observed that stone grinding is the best method for milling process, as it preserve the nutrients of all the three parts of grain i.e. bran, endosperm and germ. These three parts contain all the nutrients and fibers. Incidentally, these parts also contain a lot of flavor to make recipes tastier.
  • Grinding tool – Hawos mills use “Ceramic corundum” stone for the stone grinding process, which further preserves the nutritional value and taste of the flour.

What is ceramic corundum?


This is third hardest stone after diamond and moissanite made of compressed, ‘oven baked’ corundum ceramic composite. Grinding with this stone reduces heating of the flour during the milling process which is a major pitfall of mills having steel blades (since stone grinding grind the grains instead of cutting them).

This way, Hawos domestic atta chakkis ensure that all nutrients are kept intact in the flour. Ceramic corundum millstones are specially designed to grind precisely while producing minimal level of noise.

The stones set in our grain grinders are self-sharpening which also results in higher grinding efficiency and longer service life.

These stones are also milling debris resistant which results in stable grinding performance, so it will not be easy to jam while operating the mill.


  • Low RPM – These German gadgets functions at a low RPM (Revolutions per Minute), which means slow grinding speed at around 1300-1400 rpm, which is 50% less than other milling equipment’s. A mill with a low RPM will avoid high grinding temperature, which in turn ensures that nutrients and taste of ground grains/spices/pulses is preserved.


These unparalleled features have proved hawos domestic flour mills to be most efficient and health booster options available world over since 1960’s.

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