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Organic Products coming from farms complying with the standards of organic are called organic products. Organic farming promotes ecological balance, recycle resources and conserve biodiversity. Organic food is grown without using most conventional pesticides and fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients; bioengineering or ionizing radiation. Before a product is labelled “organic” a Government approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is grown to ensure the farm is following all the necessary rules to meet the applicable organic standards. Companies in the food chain dealing with organic foods can be certified too. Organic food are free from artificial food additives which includes artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors, colors, etc.

Organic foods have gained phenomenal popularity over the last 15 years and rightly so, due to the health benefits they offer. Organic food consumption not only help to improve health, and the cultivation of crops through organic methodologies help improve soil quality, conserve groundwater, reduce pollution and are safer for the environment. These days a lot of people are switching from conventional food to organic food, due to the health benefits their consumption offers. Some of the commonly available organic foods are fruits, vegetables, sugar, spices and grains, etc.


The challenge that the consumers buying organic grains face, is how to ensure that the flour that they get milled at local atta chakkis is free of contamination and have the potential nutrients retained in the flour. Further, the quantity also needs to be sufficient to suit the Local atta chakkis process requirements, which might not always be the quantity desired by the consumer, who might need much smaller quantities to ensure freshness of flours and spices. Local atta chakkis are not only infamous for operating in poor hygienic conditions but also for using unethical practices. Further the high speed milling machines damage a lot of nutrients during the milling process. To provide an option to conscious consumers Greenfuture private limited brings to the Indian consumer the possibility of owning super-efficient and world renowned German made “Hawos” Flour mills. These mills are suitable for grinding organic grains, beans, pulses, spices and much more as per requirement.

Freshly stone ground flours/ powders milled through these Mills maintains all the potentially available nutrients &  fibers. Freshly ground organic flour, porridge and spices have higher antioxidants content prevents cells from damage and enhance immune system. It also assists in weight loss and lowers the risk of allergies and eczemas. Organic products have also been shown to have lower level of nitrate which reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. They are also linked to a condition called methemoglobinemia a disease in infants that affect the baby’s ability to carry oxygen. Apart from nutrition the minerals and sugar structures in organic food makes them tastier, as the crops are given naturally required time to grow and mature, moreover they are free from inorganic pesticides. Naturally they have higher delivery in terms of freshness, purity & flavour and reduce food related illness.

Wishing you a healthy life!!!

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