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Food combination you must avoid and why?

Food combination is a term introduced in Ayurveda medicine of ancient India which advocates certain foods, pairs well together while advices against specific combinations.

“Trophology” is the term which specifically describes the science of food combination. Improper food combinations may lead to digestive distress, gas formation, bloating, acidity, skin disorders and many other negative health impacts while combining food correctly can relieve them.

Different food items have different digestion speed. Therefore it is advisable not to combine a fast digestive food with slow digestive one to prevent the stress on digestion mechanism. Secondly, people should take care that foods which require, same enzymes to break it down, at same ph level, will work amazingly otherwise they may cause reverse effects.

Here we will cast a look on a few of the food combinations which should be avoided according to some researches:

  1. fruit with any meal of the day: fruits are absorbed or digested very quickly while grains, meats and other items in our meal takes longer time to get digested. As I mentioned above food with different digestive speed do not form a good combination, as a result fruits stay indigested for too long and get fermented. Therefore, to ingest most of the nutrients of fruits, it is advisable to consume them in a gap of at least 30 to 40 minutes with meal. Best time to have frits empty stomach in the morning.
  2. Milk with sour food items: milk contains laxative while sour food have acidic properties, if both are combined the dairy product will get curdled. So both of them should be consumed between a pretty enough intervals.
  3. Food and water/ juice: This is very commonly known fact that we should not drink water or any other beverage with food. Water dilutes the digestive juices in stomach and disturb the mechanism to break down the proteins. This may lead to fermentation of food. Try to maintain minimum 30 minutes gap before or after meal.
  4. Banana and milk: This combination seems hard to avoid as most of the people have the likings towards it. This is one of the toxin forming combination which can make you feel lethargic. Still if you wanna relish it occasionally, add some cardamom powder, cinnamon powder to make it lighter in digestion.
  5. Eggs and fried meat: Though this combination is liked by most, it may harm your digestion. Both of these items are loaded with high protein which may take longer time and energy to digest. So it is suggested to replace one of them with fresh green grocery or fruits.

There are many other food combination not advisable to consume regularly. I agree, sometimes it’s not possible to combine them properly or it seems boring to always follow the rules, but adopting healthy eating practices will definitely keep you fit.

                                                              “ Eat like you love your body.”

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