Health benefits of Whole Grains and Pulses

Nearly every cuisine has its own variation of “rice and beans” or “whole grains and pulses.” Pulses (the food group that includes beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas) are natural partners for whole grains from both a culinary and a nutrition science perspective. Long before researchers discovered the health benefits of combining complementary proteins (methionine in grains, and lysine in pulses) to provide all essential amino acids, dishes like lentil daal with whole wheat roti, black beans with corn tortillas, and black-eyed peas with brown rice or sorghum were commonplace.

Today we know that the liver can store amino acids, so it’s not necessary to worry about combining these powerhouse food groups at every single meal. And yet whole grains and pulses continue to be the cornerstone of flavorful, balanced dishes around the world.

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