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Cheffing or cooking in the kitchen is not merely an engagement with cooking-stoves, utensils and ingredients. It involves all your heart, emotions which automatically passes through when you serve it to your loved ones and this may be one of the reason as to why women never find its tedious to cook for their family on a daily basis. Have you ever realized that same recipes taste differently when they are cooked in different moods, transmits the same vibration to the eater? Thomas Keller’s words explains this beautifully:

A recipe has no soul. You as the cook, must bring soul to it.


Cooking indulgence is an activity which needs all five senses to please the taste buds. When a favorite dish is being cooked in kitchen the wafting aroma of condiments tickle your taste buds and stimulate hunger, you start relishing that dish from that very moment only.

What, if you get a chance to give a touch of utmost freshness, hygiene and more nutrients to your culinary arts? Green future seize the opportunity to help you finding a route to a healthier heart through good food with its compact domestic flour mills in different 11 models producing different capacities. Even the performance of the least model is par excellence! Eating healthy, hygienic and fresh food loaded with nutrients fills positive energy to your body as well as to your mind. With these Greenfuture tabletop atta chakkis you can add incredible freshness to your food in daily life. Think of any whole grain flour required for any of your exclusive recipe and this magical household flour mill will meet your expectation exquisitely.

To keep your heart healthy, it is not required to suppress your desire to eat your favorites meals all the time. Whole grain flour is widely used to prepare snacks, different cuisines instead of refined flour these days due to health awareness. Including freshly milled whole grain flour in diet may work wonders to reduce heart risks, high blood pressure and maintain good health. Freshly stone ground whole grain flour retains plenty of fibers which proves a great help in preventing type 2 diabetes. To avail maximum freshness the least amount of any grain/spices/ pulses can also be ground precisely and exactly as a large amount of the same will be. These gorgeous grain grinders are double delights which add hygiene and nutrients to your food while cheering up your mood with freshness while cooking.

Coming back to our title, it is quite relatable in both ways that “stomach carries the heart”. Food speak your emotions when words are not sufficient. We like to dine with the people we love or are fond of and that’s why we are in a tradition to have meals with relatives, friends and loved ones since ages to share our feelings and make the bond stronger.  Once I read somewhere which is quite relevant here, “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him- the people who give you their food give you their heart.” Moreover, eating healthy, hygienic and fresh keeps your heart healthy.



Have a healthy heart, do not delay or else you might live in dismay.


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