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Care For Your Body Parts

A body is supposed to be fit when all its part are in good shape, working properly and maintain better synchronization among them. Absence of diseases is not the only criteria to be healthy, few other factors too contribute to attain a healthy body like- balance and healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and healthy environment. Different body parts of body need different nutrition and care. If you do not take care of them well, the body will give up and become lethargic.

Let’s have a look how to take care of them:

Eyes: Eyes are the window of body to see the colorful world. A large part of the brain works on the vision than to hearing, taste or any other sense, therefore what we see has a great impact on what we think.

# don’t expose your eyes to direct sunlight, wear sunglasses whenever you step out at daytime.
# Try to reduce your screen time as much as you can.
# Blink your eyes frequently whenever you feel dryness and stress in your eyes.
# Rest your eyes frequently during your working hours, close them tightly and roll them in all


Good food for healthy eyes:

# green leafy vegetables like spinach, Kale etc.
# citrus fruits
# Salmon, tuna and other oily fish.
# carrots
# nuts which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
# sweet potatoes: a good source of beta carotene.
# plenty of water reduce dehydration which may help in eye dryness.

Oral hygiene:

The tongue plays an important role in digestion process. Chewing food breaks down it into parts that helps in smooth digestion. If you don’t maintain proper mouth or oral hygiene this may deteriorate digestion leading to cardio vascular disorders.

Do’s and don’ts for better oral care:

# brushing twice a day is mandatory.
# rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal.
# gently clean your tongue as well to avoid oral disorders.
# avoid too hot or cold beverages

Food for healthy teeth:

Cheese and yogurt: both are rich source of calcium and protein.
Green vegetables


Mental changes are naturally occurring process with growing years. So it is quite clear that at every stage you have to be more specific about your mental health care. A quick glimpse how to take care of your brain:

# Exercising daily stimulate your brain.
# Indulge in a hobby other than your profession which makes you relaxed and energized.
# Sound and adequate sleep.
# Meditation.

Food to boost brain and memory:

#fatty fish rich in Omega 3.
#coffee: caffeine in coffee lift your mood and increase alertness and concentration.
#turmeric: This yellow spice helps in Alzheimer by improving memory.
#Broccoli: Greatly rich source of vitamin k and antioxidants.
#Dark chocolate: it has few brain-boosting substance which may help in memory increase and slow down the mental decline due to growing age.
Synopsis: Healthy food benefits a body as a whole but some specific food take a step further to keep separate body parts healthy. So, keep yourself in the know of your body requirements and made it smile.

“Imagine your body cells smiles and say thank you 😊”

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