Hawos Mill Heritage

Hawos Mill History

In April 1953 Ludwig and Herta Bartsch (just moved from Berlin) founded the wholesaler of healthy nutrition products and supplied their customers from the living room. Soon, the range was larger and it was followed by the move to the Kaiser-Friedrich Promenade in the EC of a small house. A short time later, two garages were rented and not only the company area but also the number of employees increased steadily. In 1980, the number of mostly part-time employees was already 11.

In 1985, the company was handed over to Ralf Pigge. The customer base and product range continued to grow, which was also due to the good reputation of the service and its ability to deliver.

It came as it had to come, the place was soon no longer enough. So a new site was sought – and found: an old farm with stables and barn and a listed former rectory. Stables and barn were demolished and instead built a new company building. The old rectory was lovingly restored and office, kitchen and exhibition found their place here.

Until – you guessed it – everything was again too tight. Was it coincidence that the direct neighbor was looking for a buyer for his property for reasons of age? In the next construction phase, the neighboring building was rebuilt, expanding the storage area. 

But here too it soon became clear that in the long run it will become too narrow again and another solution must be found, if possible a building, completely tailored to our needs and wishes! Important criteria were: Location Bad Homburg, good accessibility for the employees, good transport connections for suppliers, expandable storage space, ecologically up-to-date, energy-saving – and it should also look good!

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