Happiness is a choice

My dear friends,

With this blog we will try to regain our mental peace which was lost somewhere going through this unprecedented time. I know this wild year has put us in an absolute trauma, confusion, restrictions and has left us in extreme despondency. We all have been facing difficulties in our lives before but when all the difficult moments come together in our way suddenly, we develop rabbit hole thinking in us with the strong sense of uncertainty. When life seems extremely stressful from outside try to be strong inside to suppress all the chaos and clutter around. I know it’s quite difficult to quell all the negativity when there is already too much negative happening all around. We are bound to stay at home all the time and sometimes feel stuck or depressed. But I once read somewhere, “When you can’t go outside, go inside.” Talk to your inner self. It’s a time taking process and not easy to hold your subconscious mind but practicing it in your routine will help you to achieve the goal.

The very first step to move forward on this path is to know yourself, your interests and things and people who make you happy.

Set your priorities and goals in life.

Write the procedure to achieve them.

Start from as and where you are.

Don’t expect perfection in everything you do initially, just begin.

Gradually find the scope of improvement and learn from your mistakes in past.

If your strategies are not working well, change the way not the destination.

Accept failures and retry.

If life is asking you to slow down, just be calm, take a break, rejuvenate yourself and come back with new energy.

“Slow and steady wins the race”

Despite of your hectic schedule spare few minutes to spend with yourself and you will be amazed to find an eternal source of happiness within you only.

Being perfect does not ensure your happiness. In my view, happiness is a choice, one can choose to be happy in adverse conditions too.

Try to deal with your stress only, do not allow unnecessary stress which is not yours to add extra burden on you or complicate your life. Learn to say no to things or people who are not worth your attention. Always prepare yourself to try something new in your life and take the challenges. Avoid to be stagnant in life because it brings frustration. Recollect your energy, open your windows, expand your horizon, take a deep breath and start something new from where you are which will strengthen you from inside and help to find a better you. Don’t try or expect to control everything happening in your surroundings. Make yourself a free bird to touch the sky.

Do let me know in comment section how and when you started to march on this path?? Waiting for your response……..

Wish you all the happiness in this world!!!!

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