Hawos Mill Heritage

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High-quality materials for the perfect finish and durability

A long lifespan is a number one priority for all hawos products, whether you choose wooden mills (solid wood or plywood) or colorful versions made of high-quality durable Makrolon poly-carbonate plastic. We place particular emphasis on ethical and ecological aspects when harvesting and processing wood. Our wood – birch and beech – is processed in a special-needs woodworking factory in Austria. Their dedication to detail and their enjoyment in being an active part in society can be seen in the exceptionally high quality they produce.

To a large extent it comes from PEFC certified forests in the surrounding region, which are used in accordance with the rules of sustainability and nature-orientated practices

We achieve a particularly high accuracy of fit with both our solid wood and plywood wood housings by using computer-controlled saws. Both versions have natural, vital surfaces, which are characteristic of wood and a delight for the senses. Our high-grade plywood housings are ideal for countries with unstable temperatures and humidity.

Many hawos mills are manufactured in a modular construction making them equally efficient and simple.

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