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Wholegrain flour diet for kids and senior

Foundation in kids at an early age for eating healthy and indulging them into whole-grain made cereals, flatbread, traditional home-made roti’s made out of domestic flour mill and whole-wheat pasta is a great way to introduce them to whole-grain made products vs. refined or processed foods. Whole-grain products are a rich source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron, and zinc and are a good-fat source of carbohydrates that are required for a rapidly growing age and why not get them started on a right diet?

Researchers believe that kids are prone to tasty food vs. grain choices. Parents who think “my kids are picky eaters and reluctant towards whole-grain products” should consider re-thinking their options and offer more delicious and healthy food. Kids pay very little attention to whole-grain or processed food and will gobble up anything tastier. Perhaps! Choosing food for your child should be a conscious act as India has already recorded a whopping 15% cases of overweight and obesity amongst children. Furthermore, children of upper-income families have recorded 35-40% cases, which is a severe indication of dietary problems in kids in India. The elementary cause of childhood obesity is an imbalanced diet and overexposure to refined and packaged food.

Seniors and older people are at a high risk of deficiencies and have varied nutritional needs for their reduced appetite as our bodies change with time. Age-related changes concerning lower metabolism rate and digestive system changes can affect their emotional and hence eating the right food with a good-balanced diet can substantially reduce their chances of ill health and, add more years to their life.

How do we change?

Amongst many tips for nutritional health, having a domestic flour mills at home can reduce of your problems in one go. Of course, whole grains are beneficial for seniors, but getting your children used to the taste of whole-grain products made out of flourmill, at an early age can influence their preferences for eating-healthy in their adulthood. Middle-aged folks can easily make a switch once you realize the benefits your future.

The sleek, stylish and user-friendly domestic flourmills can be your kitchen’s best friends, as they not just flours within minutes, nutritional benefits are far more than refined flour.

Furthermore, it is important to enjoy whole-grains products and simple lifestyle changes, for example, choosing whole-wheat bread instead of white bread, whole-wheat pasta vs. white pasta, inclusion of oats, ragi and other whole-grain porridges (out of fresh flour made with breakfast can positive results on your health. Wheat rotis are a staple diet in India and investing in domestic flourmill is essential as minerals and components are lost in readily available wheat flour due to the refining process.

When air fryers can take space in your kitchen, why not flour mill?

Why do we shift to domestic flourmill?

A whole new generation of kids – obese free, a middle-aged diet-conscious group of people and seniors can be free of ill health and have their most important staple diet “wheat flour” free of any preservatives. They can enjoy new foods, healthy snacks and together as a family can learn the importance of nutritional benefits and traditional flourmill. Additionally, when wholegrain flour is introduced at an early age, the rapidly growing kids will have an inclination towards whole-grain foods for a lifetime.

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